Waterproofing, Epoxy Resins, Hardeners, India

          Applications :-    

* Antistatic / Aesthetic joint less floor topping.

* Industrial heavy duty flooring.
* Protective Coatings.
* Sealing of Cracks
* Bonding of old to new concrete.
* Heavy machinery foundation grouting Axis Electrical Component Pvt. Ltd.,
Kandivali - Mumbai.
* Protective treatment against cavitations / erosion
* Rehabilitations of RCC Structures.
* Waterproofing


Areas of Usage :

*  Automatic Industry.

*  Atomic Power Stations.

*  Food & Beverage Industry.

*  Pharmaceutical Industry.

*  Fertilizer & Steel Plants.

*  Paper & Pulp Mills.

*  Dust free area for technical rooms, chain stores, shop, hotels, 
    kitchens & hospitals.

*  Electronics & Warehouse for light traffic area.

*  Hydraulic Structures ( Dams, Bridges, Ports & Docks ).

*  Office Entrance, Lobbies & Corridors Swimming pools, Water body
    & Jacuzzi.

*  Effluent Treatment & Sewerage Plants.


Floors are among the most highly stressed of all parts of a building.  This applies particularly to industrial floors, which are usually subjected to severe mechanical stresses & often also to thermal stresses & chemical attack.

epoxy resins have been specially formulated & are highly successful for this application.  The typical characteristics of cured epoxy resin formulations obtained are as per the salient features paragraph.

SuperditeTM  based flooring compositions are divided in different types of flooring components like Sealants, Primer Coats, Mortar Screeds, Self-Leveling floors compound & Solvent free thin surface coating etc.  which are readily available and meet the performance expectation.

bonding of old to new concrete

Mechanical Pre-treatment :

Chemical Pre-treatment :

(Roughening, Abrading, Sandblasting) Surface should be free from laitance & dust trace of grease, oil moisture.  The concrete surface should be clean, dry & mechanically sound.


Chemical etching using 15% Hydrochloric acid solution should be employed.  The solution is brush applied over the surface literally & left in contact for 15 minutes.  This is then washed off with plenty of water followed by through drying with hot air.  Adhesion may be increased by careful surface preparation as per the above methods.

For Self Leveling & Thin-Aesthetics Floor Toppings. For Industrial Heavy Duty Floor Toppings.
  • Surface preparation
  • Primer coat
  • Topcoat 500micron      OR
  • 1-2mm thickness
  • Surface preparation
  • Primer coat
  • 3-5mm thickness of mortar-screed
  • Seal coats.
  • Topcoat 1-2 mm thickness
1. Superdite - SLF 558 & Hardener SEH 725
2. Superdite - SLF 559 & Hardener SEH 735
3. Superdite - SLF 559 & Hardener SEH 7963

Top Coat (Final Coat)

Group of Restaurant

Tendulkar's cafe (Kitchen Area)


Properties Units Mortar / Screed Self Leveling
Compressive Strength Kg/cm2 800-1000 600-800
Flexural Strength Kg/cm2 200-250 300-350
Coefficient of linear Thermal Expansion Kg/cm2 30-35 50-60

Specific Gravity








Sheer Strength





There are major factors governing the failure of success of a long lasting protection by coatings :

  • The Correct Surface Preparations.
  • The Choice of Suitable type of Materials & Systems.
  • The Correct Coating Procedure.

Cleaning & Maintenance of Equipment :-  Tools & mixing equipment are best cleaned immediately after use, since the removal of cured resin is difficult & time consuming.  We recommend the the bulk of the resin be removed using a scraper & the remainder washed away completely suing solvents such as toluene, xylene or acetone.

Handling Precautions : Epoxy resin & Hardener are chemicals & hygienic procedures should be followed while handling them.  Direct contact of resin & hardener with the skin must be avoided, can cause irritation of the skin in sensitive persons if incorrectly handled.

Supreme Polymers : Products are specially formulated & guaranteed against materials & Processed.  The information contained in this instructions sheet, given in good faith is based on results obtained from experienced & test.

Note : We are providing all Technical Know-how & Application Technique on the Sites.

At final we put-an-end with our company would be the next successor in the next decade with knowledge full technologies.  "Best technology, best product, best service & reasonable price to create mutual profit with customers"  is the goal which we have been pursuing since the establishment of our company, now we have the confident to supply products with high quality & fair price.

We have experts & professionally qualified technocrats for guideline to the contractors 
& applicators of the following jobs :-

1. Industrial heavy duty floor coating
2. Aesthetic / Antistatic / Hygienic self-leveling jointless floor topping 
3. Protective coating & waterproofing.
4. Solvent free epoxy chemical resistance coating & lining of storage tank, pilling towers, effluent treatment pits etc.
5. Sealing of cracks & bonding of old to new concrete.
6. Heavy machinery foundation grouting.
7. Protective treatment against cavitations / erosion.
8. Rehabilitation of RCC structures.

We have executed similar job with reputed establishment / companies successfully.  

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